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A bilingual, AI-powered STEAM learning buddy for boldly-curious girls, their family, and STEAM supporters!

A young girl with brown wavy hair and a purple jumpsuit smiles as Erandi, Erandi Aprende's friendly AI STEAM buddy, sparks curiosity about science, technology and beyond. (Whimsical STEAM background with a rocket, telescope, stars and atoms).

Endless Discoveries with Erandi

Is your child's curiosity begging for a playful learning adventure? Erandi, their new AI amiga, is here! Through engaging conversations, Erandi sparks imagination, builds confidence, and unlocks future-ready skills, all within a safe and trusted space.


Pose questions to Erandi


Discover newfound knowledge


Create and solve challenges


Try hands-on projects

Erandi ignites imaginations in both English and Spanish.

Why Erandi?

It‘s hard to prepare kids for an ever-changing world that requires...

A young girl stands at a crossroads, bombarded by conflicting advice from unseen voices as she struggles to develop independent thinking skills.

Independent Thinking

Building decision-making skills is necessary, but finding meaningful opportunities for children to practice them is hard.

A young boy nestled among the roots of a majestic tree in a vibrant forest, finds solace and joy in reading, nurturing his intrinsic love for learning.

Lifelong Learning

Cultivating intrinsic love for learning is challenging when receiving external rewards is the norm.

With joyful eyes and helping hands, two children piece together a puzzle. Amidst the missing pieces, two children discover the power of empathy and collaboration, building their emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

Nurturing their emotional resilience is crucial, but can be puzzling to do without clear guidance.

Kneeling amidst fantastical flora, two kids weave innovation from sun-dappled leaves and glowing vines. A shimmering lightbulb bursts from their minds, casting a radiant glow on faces etched with discovery's joy.

Constant Innovation

Uncovering their unique contributions to the world fuels innovation. Yet, guiding their passion is challenging.

It's harder when girls still confront gender biases in the fields of science and technology [1]

Erandi Aprende can help you

A vibrant compass, painted in shades of shimmering purple and violet, symbolizing guidance and direction.

Guide your Children

Play a pivotal role in unlocking insights, tips, and activities for your child's success.

Open digital device

Turn Screen Time into STEAM Time

No rigid schedules, no one-size-fits-all. Ignite curiosity with learning sized for your available materials and time. Every conversation, a new adventure.

Paper World Map

Have a map of Learning Resources

Navigate the vast world of STEAM learning resources with Erandi by your side.

Interconected dotsMap

Spark Connections

Erandi bridges the gap between school and kids interests, showcasing how familiar concepts connect to the world around them.

A family of four is gathered around a digital tablet, their faces lit up with excitement. They're all smiling and talking, and it looks like they're having a great time learning.

Erandi Aprende can help your children

A young girl, eyes focused, builds a cardboard car with wheels.
Independent Thinking

Empower Decision-Making

Children take the lead, choosing STEAM projects they're passionate about. Our app fosters independence, critical thinking, and confident decision-making.

Lifelong Learning

Ignite Intrinsic Love for Learning

Erandi inspires your child to explore STEAM through personalized paths linked to their interests, fostering motivation from within. We avoid reliance on points and external rewards, instead focusing on cultivating a lasting love for learning.

A surrounded by dinosaurs, reflecting their passion for learning and exploration related to his interests.
A triumphant girl raises her arms victoriously, a trophy beside her.
Emotional Intelligence

Boost confidence

Imagine watching your child's confidence blossom as Erandi cheers them on through challenges, celebrates their successes, and gently guides them to overcome obstacles. It's a dynamic exchange that nurtures emotional and intellectual growth.

Constant Innovation

Unleash their Super Skills

Erandi helps your children explore various subjects and skills, uncovering what they’re amazing at so they can use their talents to make the world better.

A curious child explores a vast landscape filled with science and technology elements, representing the diverse skills and career paths.


Open-Ended Learning Powered by AI

Infinite Learning Adventures

Unlocking New Horizons

AI unlocks endless learning possibilities for young learners, empowering them to choose and develop their unique STEAM projects in ways never before possible.

Parents shape their child's learning by monitoring interactions, reviewing the chat history, and pre-approving topics.

A new AI-powered STEAM learning buddy. Erandi Aprende reimagines education for the next generation, to unleash their boundless potential.

See what parents and kids are saying about Erandi Aprende

Irene M.

Emilia's mom

"I love that my daughter has fun while learning. Erandi Aprende has been a great help in answering many of my daughter's science questions."


7 years old

"I liked that Erandi's Scientific Adventure (learning mode) has a lot of experiments. At home with my parents, we did the gravity experiments and I made my own lip balm."

Jenny S.

Arianna's mom

"My daughter, Arianna, was so excited about her personal project with Erandi Aprende. Erandi Aprende had unlocked a hidden door in her curiosity. Watching her dedication it's like I'm seeing a whole new side of my daughter."

Jael C.

Josiah's mom

"Erandi Aprende has become a safe haven for Josiah's. Unlike school, where he often feels overlooked, here, his ideas are cherished and nurtured. His enthusiasm is contagious."

About Us

Founded and run by a team who create with child-like wonder, we're on a mission to breaking down barriers and help bridge the gender gap in science and technology fields, specifically by empowering girls to lead the way in these vital fields.

However, Erandi Aprende welcomes all curious minds, regardless of gender. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to discover their passion for STEAM and unlock their full potential.

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Andrea Remes

CEO and Co-founder

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Miros Rodríguez

CTO and Co-founder

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Hope Myers

UI/UX Designer

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Elissa Casas

Marketing & Communications

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Chief Play Officer

A young girl with brown wavy hair and a purple astronaut suit smiles as Erandi, Erandi Aprende's friendly AI STEAM buddy, sparks curiosity about science, technology and beyond.
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A young girl with brown wavy hair and a purple jumpsuit  builds a light purple robotic car. This is Erandi, Erandi Aprende friendly AI STEAM buddy.

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